Insight 2019 Technology Predictions

Insight 2019 Technology Predictions
  • Michael Guggemos, Chief Information Officer – Insight, shares his thoughts about what will be the key issues for the channel in the months ahead


    The rise of unbundled micro-services

2019 will see the beginning of the next big shift in enterprise computing, from conventional cloud computing to micro-services. Currently, most cloud services come in the form of purchasing access to bundled apps (eg. Office 365). But for many organisations, this involves paying for access to tools they don’t use. The next logical step is to only pay for the individual services consumed. This makes things very easy and efficient for users, who can use the best tool for the job rather than being confined to a bundle. But it does bring complexity for software providers and IT. The former need to pull apart their bundles into individual service layers without undermining the integrity of each tool. The latter will need to manage a wider volume and variety of providers.

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