Enabling Better Employee Experiences and Collaboration to Fuel Bottom-Line Benefits

The term “digital transformation” (DX) is frequently used to describe efforts surrounding the modernization of business communications infrastructure, and most organizations I talk to generally agree that they know they should be thinking about it, but they aren’t quite sure where to start, or what their efforts can yield.

In fact, according to an IDC whitepaper commissioned by Avaya, Digital Transformation: Insight into Getting it Right, a disconnect between concept and reality exists. Even if companies do start down the DX path, success isn’t inevitable. The whitepaper, which is based on a global study featuring insights from nearly 800 enterprise companies across 15 countries on DX and modernizing business communications, highlights that only 19 percent of companies believe their digital transformation efforts are resulting in market disruption. That means organizations may be spending millions on digitization, without reaping the full benefits, largely due to lack of clarity around what true transformation entails.

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